Fresh & Joyful handmade elements that brighten your home, awaken your wardrobe & transform you into the best gift giver.

Hi there! Im Rebecca. I’m an out of the box creator who cares for my customers as family. Connection is key and incredibly important to me because the better I know you, the better I can create pieces that fit your life or to those you are gifting. Besides I’ve never truly met anyone who is a stranger. My family would describe me as creative, confident & crazy, and my friends agree, but they might also say I can be pensive & quiet. When I’m not creating something beautiful you can find me capturing moments with my 14 year old & fur babies, finding family connections through genealogy and supporting my friends and family’s endeavors, with a protein shake in hand & essential oils to get me ready for the next adventure. When that doesn’t fill my schedule, I’m in Florida, my second home, catching up with my family who have all left NY to enjoy the tropics longterm.